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Secondary School


What Gilson College Secondary Offers You

Our Secondary School is a thriving Christ-centred, student-focused, values-based learning community. We pursue excellence in all areas of school life and strive to make school an inspiring place with endless possibilities for our young people. We seek to develop our students' capacity in a holistic manner that addresses academic, co-curricular and social-emotional areas.

Head of Secondary Greeting

On behalf of the staff and students, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Secondary School of Gilson College. I am honoured to lead our team of talented educators who are committed to providing our students with an excellent education and mentoring them with Christian character.

At GCM, we are ambitious for our students' learning and have high expectations for their futures. We are dedicated to stimulating and challenging our students through exceptional teaching strategies that enable them to identify and develop their talents. We are proud of our modern facilities and spacious grounds that enhance the educational experience of all students. Holistic education is at the core of our school identity. We value spiritual, academic, social and physical wellbeing and promote a variety of excellent programs that improve the health of our community. We also affirm that a values-based approach to learning is essential in growing the capacity of our students and enabling them to flourish at school and for life. Our website provides a small glimpse into secondary life at Gilson and I encourage you to see our thriving Christ-Centred community in action on a tour.

As a well-respected school within the northern suburbs of Melbourne, we strive to strengthen our community connections through service and volunteering. We also appreciate diversity and encourage students to be pioneers who take risks and develop a love of learning.

Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way they should go and even when they are old they will not depart from it.”

I look forward to meeting you and your family.

Mr Trent J. Martin

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Secondary School Focus Areas


We aim to be a thriving Christ-Centred community. Our identity is uniquely built upon our Adventist heritage and we teach Christian values through a variety of intentional programs. We believe that spiritual health is fundamental to living a healthy and meaningful life.

Some of our programs include: Chapel programs, Homeroom worships, a Campus Church that meets on Saturday mornings and a Festival of Faith.


We believe that strong academic development is essential in preparing our students for lifelong success and learning opportunities. Academic success occurs through individualised learning attention from our experienced and talented teachers. We ensure that all students are met at their level and supported to achieve high expectations. We recognise that academic success looks different for different students and prioritise a differentiated curriculum that extends our students and provides nurture at the same time. We provide a variety of academic excursions throughout the year that highlight career options and potential areas of future study.

We offer a range of subjects including Maths, English, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Accounting, French, Drama, Music, Digital Technology, Design and Technology (Wood and Food), Religion and Society, Bible, Invictus, Learning 4 Life and Art. All subjects in Years 7-10 prepare students for success at a VCE and Tertiary level of study.


If a student's immediate needs are not met, learning can rarely occur effectively. We believe that all students need to have a voice in their education and support a nurture-focused curriculum that caters for our diverse student groups. Throughout our secondary experience, we ensure that student capabilities are a focus and that behaviours are taught effectively. We prioritise social and emotional learning at anchor points in our student's journey as they progress, through rites of passage, towards adulthood.

Some of our focus programs for social health include Learning 4 Life, Positive Behaviour 4 Learning, Student Wellbeing Team, Student Representative Council, Invictus Wellbeing Program and regular school camps.


Physical activity has been linked to improved wellbeing, social relationships and academic achievement consistently across the last three decades of educational research. During their formative years, students need to be involved in regular exercise. We value the benefits that sports and exercise provide our students and prioritise creating opportunities for our students to participate in a variety of different sports and activities.

Our programs that focus on the physical health of students include HPE lessons, SSV Representative Sports Teams, School Carnivals and promoting Healthy Eating at our canteen.

Learning In Action

Learning In Action